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                life-changing careers

                We are a global healthcare company and life is our reason to exist. This is why we′re all here, to ensure people can lead a life independent of serious chronic disease -millions rely on us.??

                Working at Novo Nordisk

                Novo Nordisk is its people

                Here we don′t stand still, we never give up - we make an impact.? We′re trusted and have the courage. Together we make it happen.

                Together we′re life changing.

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                Scam Alert

                Please be alerted that at the moment a recruitment scam involving Novo Nordisk is circulating.

                The scam involves fake recruiters on LinkedIn asking for personal information. Following this, candidates are requested to pay for a trip to Novo Nordisk HQ in order to take part in an interview.

                This communication is not coming from Novo Nordisk and we encourage people to stay alert and NOT respond to these queries.?