Join the Pharmaceutical Medicine Programme (PMP)

Are you a medical doctor looking for a challenging career path in a pharmaceutical company? Would you like to be part of highly qualified and ambitious teams in a global setting? Then this is your unique opportunity to apply for a position with 3 job rotations where you can use your medical and scientific knowledge in an inspiring way to create better treatments and care for our patients.

A career opportunity for MD's with 2-5 year's of experience (*)
Offering a broad introduction to the pharmaceutical industry, the PMP aims to develop medical doctors, who have 2-5 years of clinical experience, within various functions where strong medical competencies are needed. Apply here until 5 March. Programme starts September 2020. (*)?

Explore Novo Nordisk through 3 rotations
The PMP is a two-year programme with five participants accepted onto the programme each year. After successful completion of the programme participants are offered a permanent position within the company. The programme has been the springboard for many medical doctors’ progression to key positions within Novo Nordisk around the world. With a focus on both personal and professional development, and the knowledge and experience you will gain during the time you spend working in three different functions within the company, the PMP could be your first step towards a life-changing career.

At Novo Nordisk I have the opportunity to work with highly intelligent people who are dedicated to their job. The PMP programme lets me focus on getting a profound understanding of the different parts of the organization and the opportunity to evolve both personally and professionally, but also to use my competencies as a medical doctor to contribute to the varied tasks in every day work.

(Sarah Eggert, 1st?rotation,
Global Safety)

Professional and personal skills


The PMP offers medical doctors the opportunity to develop both professional and personal skills. With a detailed individual development plan, you will set goals for your own development and career within Novo Nordisk over the two years it takes to complete the programme.

Some of the personal development activities includes career guidance and presentation skills trainings. As part of the PMP programme, there will also be opportunities to network beyond daily activities through executive speaker sessions and affiliate visits.?

The PMP programme allows me to challenge and strengthen new parts of my medical professionalism, but at the core, my everyday thinking remains the same: “how do I do what is best for the patients”?”

(Cecilie Heerdegen Jepsen, 1st?rotation,
Global development)

Ensuring development

Every PMP doctor will receive support and mentoring from the PMP manager, who takes care of your overall development throughout your time on the programme, and a daily manager, who is responsible for your development during each rotation. To help you reach your goals, the programme will include both professional and personal training.

The programme aims to educate medical doctors in drug development, how the pharmaceutical industry works and career opportunities within the industry. These aims will be addressed by daily on-the-job training through tasks and interaction with experienced colleagues, and a generous individual training programme including a broad variety of internal and external courses.

On successful completion of the programme, a permanent position at Novo Nordisk will be offered to you within one of the three departments in the programme. Your final position depends upon your wishes, feedback from managers and vacancies in the respective departments.

Making a difference

Novo Nordisk is a focused healthcare company and the world leader in diabetes care. We spend a large percentage of our annual turnover on research and development (R&D), which is one of the reasons why our diabetes product pipeline is second to none.

When speaking of biopharmaceuticals we have a leading position within the therapeutic areas of haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy. We also have a strong research portfolio within obesity.

Novo Nordisk has more than 42,000 employees in 80 countries. Our employees are driven by the common goal of making a difference to patients, healthcare professionals and society. Each and every employee at Novo Nordisk knows that their contribution helps make this difference. Our ethical culture, high standards and commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible attracts a certain type of employee who is ready to change lives for the better.



  • Medical doctor university degree
  • Passed post-graduate internship
  • 2-5 years of clinical experience?
  • No prior industry experience

With three rotations over two years, the PMP offers medical doctors a spring board to a life-changing career.?

Applications to the 2020 programme are now open.?

Deadline for applications is 5 March.?

If you have?more than 5 years?of?clinical experience?or if you are not interested in enrolling in the programme but you are still interested in joining Novo Nordisk, please visit our?job search page?and look for opportunities that match your career preferences.