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                Working together to deliver life-saving medicines

                Product Supply is responsible for the manufacturing of all Novo Nordisk products across the globe. In Product Supply we offer you a career that will make a real impact: our work result in medicines that improve the lives of millions of people who depend on us to do our best. Every day.


                Product Supply is the name of Novo Nordisk’s global manufacturing unit. In Product Supply you get close to the processes of turning science into real life-changing medicines to millions of patients. We use advanced technology to manufacture and deliver Novo Nordisk’s products to the entire world and we continuously focus on how we can optimise our production processes. In Product Supply, we all play a vital role in delivering high quality products, and knowing how vital the medicine is to the patients drives us to perform. We depend on great people across all areas of our business. Are you ready to begin a life-changing career?

                Key facts about Product Supply

                • Controls the end-to-end supply chain for all Novo Nordisk’s products
                • Production sites in nine different countries:
                  • Large strategic production sites in Brazil, China, Denmark, France and the US?
                  • Local production sites in Algeria, Iran, Japan and Russia
                • More than 14,000 employees in total, approximately 9,000 employees are located in Denmark

                Who are we looking for?

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                Meet our employees

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                Working at Novo Nordisk

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