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                Environmental strategies need to be bold

                Aditi Valecha, Global Project Lead in the Diabetes Commercial Unit, shares her thoughts and why corporate environmental strategies ought to be bold to drive impact, shedding light on Novo Nordisk’s new long-term environmental strategy, Circular for Zero.?

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                Balancing Digital Innovation and Olympic Dreams

                Novo Nordisk intern and competitive swimmer, Anton Ipsen, started off 2020 by beating the Danish record in 800-metre freestyle. We got the chance to talk to him about what this win means to him, his dream of competing – once again – in the Olympics and his current role as an intern in the Digital Innovation Department here at Novo Nordisk.?

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                Why the World Diabetes Foundation is key in changing diabetes


                We got the chance to speak with Leif Fenger Jensen, Managing Director of the?World Diabetes Foundation?and a former employee at Novo Nordisk, about World Diabetes Day and the crucial role played by the World Diabetes Foundation. Discover more in the Q&A.?

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                Speaking up to Get Ahead

                Sometimes, something as simple as speaking up when you have something to say can be critical to your career. Elena Livshina, Vice President for the Insulin Growth Portfolio at Novo Nordisk in the United States, shares her perspective on navigating the workplace as a female.?

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                Running in to Extinguish the Fire

                Whether he is putting out fires? at work or in the field, Matthew Held puts people first in every aspect of his life. He doesn't help because its the right thing to do, but because helping others, to him, is as natural as breathing.??

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                Learning by Helping Others

                Yacine Amirouche began his life-changing career at Novo Nordisk in our graduate programme. A few short years later, he earned his position as Senior Global Customer Insights Manager. Discover Yacine's journey to help others, and his learnings along the way.??

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