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                How to report falsified products

                Falsified or counterfeit products represent a true public health risk today. The effect or lack of effect in the body can be very damaging to the people exposed. So to protect the health and safety of patients worldwide we are actively engaged in efforts to combat counterfeiting.

                Novo Nordisk takes all reports of suspected counterfeits very seriously and we perform thorough tests on suspected products. If you suspect a product could be falsified, please reach out to Novo Nordisk in your country, and we will advise you on how to send the suspected product to us.

                Please learn more using the?FAQ - reporting a counterfeit product


                Help us protect the health and safety of patients all over the world

                If you suspect a Novo Nordisk product has been falsified/counterfeited, you can contact us:


                Beware of counterfeit medicine

                To ensure your health, only use medicine with a prescription from your doctor. Never buy medicine outside the legal supply chain. Medicine bought outside the legal supply chain – e.g. non-authorised internet sites – could be counterfeit.


                FAQ - reporting of a counterfeit product