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Atherosclerosis is the predominant cause of cardiovascular diseases1 and death in diabetes and obesity patients2. The condition causes blood vessels (arteries) to narrow, harden and weaken due to the build-up of fat along the inner lining of the arteries. Diseases related to atherosclerosis are closely associated with western lifestyle and their prevalence is increasing globally, representing 28% of all deaths3. Our scientists are currently working on early-stage research with the potential to treat atherosclerosis and thereby reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and early death.

atherosclerosis 85pct

Atherosclerosis-related diseases
account for 85% of all deaths from
cardiovascular diseases3? ??

atherosclerosis 70pct

70% of people with diabetes die from
cardiovascular diseases4

New opportunities in atherosclerosis

Novo Nordisk is highly focused on pioneering innovation together with external partners in the field of atherosclerosis. We are currently seeking to form partnerships on novel modalities with the potential to address residual risk in patients with high cardiovascular risk, on top of cholesterol lowering therapies.?


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Driving new research in atherosclerosis

In 2018, the Novo Nordisk Foundation awarded Milena Sch?nke, PhD, a grant of close to 4 million Danish kroner (about 600,000 US dollars) for her project Running from Cardiometabolic Disease: Role of Lipoprotein Metabolism and the Timing of Exercise. The project will investigate the molecular effects of exercise training on the development and progression of atherosclerosis in obese mice.?


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At Novo Nordisk, we consider people living with serious chronic diseases to be experts. That's why we invite them to become members of our Disease Experience Expert Panels (DEEPs). DEEP members are able to provide disease-specific insights and advice based on real-world experiences. This input guides us as we work to develop better treatments and meaningful support for people living with chronic diseases worldwide.

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To contribute to the scientific community in our areas of expertise, we take pride in publishing our scientists’ new findings. Visit the library to review some of their recent work.


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Novo Nordisk conducts clinical trials in over 50 countries worldwide, and we have a high retention rate among our trial participants.


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