We transform scientific ideas into medicines

At Novo Nordisk, our capabilities cover the entire pharmaceutical value chain, from idea exploration and early research, upscaling, clinical testing and regulatory submission to ultimately bringing new innovative medicines and devices to our patients. Throughout the journey from idea to medicine, we aim to create the perfect conditions for scientists’ inventions to become reality.


Translational capabilities

Innovating for patients - with patients

Improving the lives of people and reducing the burden of diseases require putting the patient at the centre of everything that we do. At Novo Nordisk, we involve patients not only in clinical trials but also in the design of our research programmes.

"Through their unique insights, our collaboration with patients helps us understand how people's lives are affected by serious chronic diseases, ensures programme execution and leads to the inclusion of clinically relevant outcomes."

Stephen Charles Langford Gough
Global Chief Medical Officer
Novo Nordisk

In-depth biology and disease understanding

At Novo Nordisk we have a deep understanding of the diseases and the patients we treat. However, we always strive to gain new insight into the needs and views of patients living a life with the diseases for which we are developing new therapies. Combined with the knowledge from the latest scientific discoveries within the disease areas, this allows us to develop the best possible new medicines.??

In depth technology

Translational capabilities

Translational capabilities from basic research to clinical trials

In research and development, the application of translational science and medicine is essential to identify new therapeutic pathways and predict outcomes in humans, which will accelerate development of therapies. Through collaborations with academic institutions, we utilize human biosamples and databases to determine the relevant pathways, targets and biomarkers for a treatment. By using target engagement biomarkers, we do early clinical evaluation of novel mechanisms allowing us to make early decisions.

Stem cells

Stem cells have the potential to cure serious chronic diseases such as type 1 diabetes. Through strategic collaborations, we are boosting our commitment to stem cell-based therapies.


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We are looking for scientific talent to join us. If you are interested in joining our research and development teams, explore your opportunities at our careers page.


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Guided by the people who know best

At Novo Nordisk, we consider people living with serious chronic diseases to be experts. That's why we invite them to become members of our Disease Experience Expert Panels (DEEPs). DEEP members are able to provide disease-specific insights and advice based on real-world experiences. This input guides us as we work to develop better treatments and meaningful support for people living with chronic diseases worldwide.


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