A global approach to research and development

Our R&D centres and Transformational Research Units in Denmark, USA, UK, India and China are designed to provide the best scientific environment for the discovery, design and development of breakthrough medicines. They form a global network consisting of the most talented individuals within their fields.




R&D centres

M?l?v (DK)

M?l?v is our largest research centre, a site for innovation, idea generation, protein and peptide engineering and formulation, and preclinical testing of medicine candidates across our therapy areas. The site houses our early drug discovery laboratories, as well as facilities for production upscaling and formulation of lead medicine candidates for clinical testing.?


Bagsv?rd (DK)

Bagsv?rd (DK)

One of our teams at the research centre in Bagsv?rd is responsible for developing, formulating and manufacturing drug candidates for pre-clinical and clinical testing. Another team is involved in the collection of adverse events, safety surveillance and event adjudication related to clinical trials, as well as the handling of complaints and product recalls, when needed.

S?borg (DK)

Our centre in S?borg is a project-centric workplace focused on late-stage development across all our therapy areas. This includes conducting and reporting on clinical trials, registering products, sharing the science, and engaging with health authorities, professional associations and the medical community.? ????

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Hiller?d (DK)

The Novo Nordisk research centre in Hiller?d is our device innovation hub and a key location for our long-standing industry leadership in pioneering new medical devices and delivery technologies.

Oxford (UK)

With its location in the heart of the University of Oxford medical campus, our research centre and transformational research unit in Oxford brings industry and academia closely together. The research is focused on discovering novel disruptive therapies for cardiometabolic diseases by combining deep disease understanding of human biology with big data.

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Oxford (UK)

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Seattle (USA)

Our research centre in Seattle is focused on early discovery projects within diabetes, obesity and chronic kidney disease. The unit's scientists apply advanced technologies to identify protein-based therapies for obesity and the prevention and treatment of?type 1 diabetes. Furthermore, a dedicated team of device engineers are working with digitalisation and connectivity of medical devices for improved treatment outcome.

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Beijing (CN)

Novo Nordisk was the first global pharmaceutical company to establish a research facility in China. Located in Zhongguancun Life Science Park in Beijing, our research centre in China is a technology centre of excellence and plays a key role in our discovery of novel drug candidates.

In 2019, we launched an open innovation platform in China, INNOVO, to increase partnership with local academic institutions and small biotech companies.?

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Bangalore Center

Bangalore (IN)

Our centre in Bangalore operates as an integrated part of the project-centric development organisation. The team delivers data management, biostatistics and programming, medical writing, publishing, safety surveillance and medical communication for clinical trials and marketed products.

Transformational research units

In addition to our research centres, Novo Nordisk R&D also includes a number of global transformational research units, located in the USA, UK and Denmark. These are designed to work outside the core R&D organisation to discover, enable and accelerate concepts and projects that will expand and diversify our pipeline with disruptive medicines.

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Careers in R&D

We are looking for scientific talent to join us. If you are interested in joining our research and development teams, explore your opportunities at our careers page.


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