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                R&D facts and figures

                Fact Top 5

                Novo Nordisk has been ranked in?the? top 5 of the Science Careers Top Employers since 2014

                Fact 70pct

                We engage in more than 70

                fact 50countries

                We conduct clinical trials in 50+

                fact employ

                We employ more than 5000
                people in R&D ? ??

                fact invest

                We invest 13.2% of our sales
                into R&D – €2.0 billion
                in 2018

                fact 1923

                Novo Nordisk started producing
                insulin in 1923


                We have close to 100 years?of experience in developing


                More than 27,500,000 people
                use our diabetes care products? ??

                Our global presence

                Recent publications

                publications thumbnail

                To contribute to the scientific community in our areas of expertise, we take pride in publishing our scientists’ new findings. Visit the library to review some of their recent work.


                Explore publications



                Life-changing careers in R&D

                Careers and jobs

                Interested in a research and development career at Novo Nordisk? Explore your job opportunities on our careers page.


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