Performance on our Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line is anchored in the company's Articles of Association (bylaws) and the Novo Nordisk Way as the way we do business. It is applied to ensure that business decisions balance financial, social and environmental considerations, always keeping in mind the best interests of the patients we serve.

Novo Nordisk’s ambition is to be a sustainable business. By this we mean:


Triple Bottom Line
  • creating long-term value for patients, employees, partners and shareholders by developing innovative and competitive solutions to patients’ unmet needs?
  • doing business in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way?
  • anticipating, adapting to and creating new business opportunities from changes in our business environment

Since 2004, we have published one integrated annual report that accounts for our financial, social and environmental performance.?Find more information about our performance across the Triple Bottom Line on these pages.


Access to care

Access to reliable and affordable supplies of insulin is a challenge for many. Together with partners, we work to improve access to diabetes care worldwide.

About our access to care programmes


Environmental responsibility

Reducing our environmental impact is both our corporate responsibility and a way to mitigate long-term risks.?

About our environmental responsibility


Responsible business practices

Adhering to high business ethics standards and respecting people and their rights is the foundation of a responsible business.

About how we promote responsible business practices in our operations


Responsibility in the workplace

By providing a safe, diverse and engaging work environment, we hope to attract and develop the best people in our organisation.

About how we work with responsibility in the workplace


Finance & corporate governance

We want to be in business for the long run and deliver competitive financial returns for our shareholders in a responsible way.

About finance and corporate governance


More about how we work and report

Our ambition to be a sustainable business entails that we work on cross-cutting issues and account for performance in several ways.

About integrated reporting, benchmarks, shared value cases and our approach to the Sustainable Development Goals